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Marqu Brands & Trademarks B.V.

Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596 AL The Hague
The Netherlands

T +31 70 306 99 22

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Marqu Brands & Trademarks

Marqu Brands & Trademarks specialises in the registration of trademarks and designs at a worldwide level. We are also able to offer clients services relating to all of the various legal aspects of trademark law, designs law, copyright law and trade name law.

We have a long history in the field of intellectual property law and our advisors are certified, qualified representatives.

We deliver a customised service to both national and international organisations, because of which we are eminent players in the provision of professional legal services. Our services are characterised by a personal, no-nonsense approach and involvement, service orientation and quality. Naturally, the interests of the client are always of paramount importance.

Marqu Intellectual Property Law
We can also provide you with our assistance where conflicts arise. For example, when a third party accuses you of infringing its rights or, for example, if you believe that someone is infringing your rights. If you find that you are unable to reach a solution out of court, it will be possible for you to bring the matter in question before the court. This must be done by a lawyer. Should you wish us to do so, a lawyer from Marqu Intellectual Property Law can represent your case. Because of the close collaboration involved, it will be more practical and simpler for us to take over the case rather than for you to engage an external lawyer. However, should you wish us to work with your own regular lawyer or a specialist IP lawyer, we will, of course, be only too pleased to do so.