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Domain names


Today, no one could imagine society without the internet, the worldwide computer network. However, many organisations are still failing to recognise just how important domain names are. The domain name takes you to the site developed by a provider – wherever it may be in the world. On this site, you will find the sales and/or company information about the company in question, amongst other things.

The internet address
The internet address, the domain name with the .nl extension, is registered with the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands [Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland]. A number of domain names can be registered for one and the same organisation. A domain name will not necessarily be your own trade name. It could also be a product name, for example. The domain name always has a certain extension. For example: .nl, .com, .org, .net, etc.

The disadvantage is that a certain name may only be used as an address once. If your name is Johnson and you want to use the name, but someone else has already registered the name, you will need to choose a different domain name. The area in which the other party is active is not relevant: once registered, the name cannot be used a second time!

Register your name without delay!
The importance of registering your name goes without saying – if this is still possible. This can be arranged simply and quickly. Every day, we register trademarks, trade names, designs, products, etc. throughout the world. Although the registration of domain names is not our core activity, we do feel that it is very important for these names to be registered. Should you wish us to do so, we can recommend a suitable provider to you.