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Marqu Brands & Trademarks

Marqu Brands & Trademarks specialises in the registration of trademarks and designs at a worldwide level. We are also able to offer clients services relating to all of the various legal aspects of trademark law, designs law,   >> Read more


Trademarks and trademark searches

A search shows which (identical and/or similar) trademarks have been registered or filed. The object of a search is to gain an insight into the possible risks ensuing from the use of a trademark.  >> Read more



Marqu Intellectual Property Law

Marqu Intellectual Property Law offers clients specialised, high-quality legal services at competitive prices. We have a broad knowledge of this field, extensive (process) experience and excellent legal skills.   >> Read more


Trade name search

An existing trade name (the name under which an organisation is run as opposed to a trademark) is one reason why an objection may be made to a new trademark and vice versa!     >> Read more