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The management of a trademark portfolio often requires a great deal of time and expertise too. We regularly second our advisors to provide help and advice to the holders of large trademark portfolios. This hands-on form of assistance often proves to be very effective and leads to major improvements, including, not least of all, significant cost savings and a strengthening of the legal position.

Portfolio management
Often, the board or legal department is responsible for the management of IP matters and for instructing trademark agencies and other specialists. This work is often time consuming and requires a great deal of knowledge and insight, not just of IP regulations, but also of one’s own organisation. Often, this knowledge is concentrated in just one person, something that is particularly annoying where this person is not available, whether or not temporarily. Our experience and approach put us in a position to provide you with a very special service. In practice, our role varies from the full management of your IP rights and the instruction of external agencies, to the provision of advice and assistance to your own advisors.
It is often interesting to establish exactly which IP rights you have in your organisation and which protection measures have been put in place. This information can be used to draw conclusions in relation to policy decisions on cost control and the improvement of one’s own position, but also to strengthen the in-house facilities that are used for the management of your portfolio and the instruction of your trademark agency.